For the first time, we recorded this episode on a livestream and, quite frankly, had a lot of fun! Heretofore nicknamed as Mr. Radio Voice, DarthStevil, got to join us simply by chatting us up on our discord. Come join us on our livestream, every other Wednesday at 8:30 Central U.S./6:30 Pacific on Sir Georgeous's YouTube channel. Ep. 42- Finalizer Smuggles Vet Han into the Resistance! Thanks for listening! Save JKA aoe dispel for if droideka has tenacity up ad damage immunity IMO. From SWGoH Help Wiki. We also introduce a new segment called Discord Corner where you can come on by and ask anything you would like us to go over on the show. BitDynasty. Luke Immunity - Beskar Mando coasts through JML lead by JKR with Wat - SWGOH. Thank you for listening and join us on Discord at, HNN Ep. Everything feels tuned around 3 teams that all need to be G12. This week we discuss Grand Arena (and the lack thereof), best uses for Wat, give Nute some more love and much more. Come join in on the conversation on our Discord channel and thanks for listening! Dramacool will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark and add us on Facebook for update!!!. Negotiator. Ep. HNN Ep. Price $: 750 ThunderwingTR, 1/10/21 Replies: 0 Views: 44 Last … 8- Eta-2 Brute? GAC 15.2.1 - Asajj-Nute holds the door. Aurra Sing … Swgohgg is a database and sqaud builder for star wars galaxy of heroes on ios … Press J to jump to the feed. If you start the game please join our new Discord server and continue the conversation with the best darn community around. This is a grave mistake. We go deep into Geo TB and Gear 13 plus Over the Top with Stallone, No real news dropped over the past couple weeks but we did get a healthy dose of Geo TB and lots of time with Gear 13., Join us as we discuss the arrival of Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker to SWGOH, plus Darth Vader's rework! Join us as we discuss all there is to know about Relics, why the new UI is a step backwards and if the supposed mass exodus from the game is really  happening. From the event to the kit, General Skywalker has made a big impression on the game. This show was the best part of my SWGOH experience thanks to how awesome SirG and Celiac Sarah were to chat with each fortnight. 28- Best Places to Use Wat, Grand Arena Advice and More Nute The Early Edition cat bring this episode of HNN a day early to help you get a glimpse into the future of SWGOH. Darth Maul. After a slow 4 weeks in the game, we discuss the developer Q&A with some new ship hints and the impending arrival of G13. 0 views … Not enough separatists. Join us as we discuss Revan, HK, Fastila and the entire Site Empire team along with QoL updates and our predictions on what's next for the game. January 1, 2017 3:13PM. Ep., Join us as we discuss the Raddus ship around, more Galactic Legend requirements shenanigans, the Fantasy Draft Semi Finals results, Guild drama, Zeta hoards and much more! There are about 973 spoiler warnings prior to the segment, so go watch the movie before you give it a listen!, Ep. The original show host is back and we catch him up on everything that has changed in the last six months. We also argue the virtues of our teams in the mighty semifinal clash of our SWGOH Fantasy Draft! Grandivory's mods optimizer will allow you to equip the optimum mod set on every character you have in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes™. Plus: does Sarah pull 330 shards in a Chew-PO lottery pack? We also share tons of extra resources to help you get prepared! We also dive into the latest Q&A, listener questions and some spoiler-free Mandalorian thoughts. Counter teams against: Nute Gunray. 63804 views 9 days ago. Im in awesome shards and share po alone My DR team … If you don’t have have enough of the team to do GG droids, then a Nute lead with GG, Dooku, Magna, and B2 would probably work alright. This is the only episode that will be posted in the HNN feed. But most importantly- mod packs that are Never Before Seen! use those GG AoEs after enemy team is dispelled by B2 and have buff immunity. Make sure to keep the conversation going by joining our Discord server. CLS, Threepio & C-3PO!, Join us as we discuss the arrival Galactic Challenges and our first impressions so far. Bonus Episode- The Ultimate SWGOH Fantasy Draft! Nute. Jump to:navigation, search. Fighting Rey/Han/Chewie | SWGoH. 30- Relics, UI Changes, and Mass Exodus? We also give some LS Geo TB prep advice, discuss what level to take your relics to, and express some relief that ships are entertaining (at least for a little while). Make sure to keep the conversation going by joining our Discord server. SLK with Old Daka, Nightsister Zombie, Thrawn & Wat – Once again, Wat Tambor is featured, making the real challenge where best to use him., Join us as we discuss the release of Just Rey (we officially take credit for naming her) and Supreme Leader Buddy Boi! First off, his ability to support his allies while not actually attacking rivals those of C-3PO and Hermit Yoda, so you want him taking turns early and often.Secondly, his maxed out Speed is the 4th highest you find in SWGoH at 186 meaning that 15% Speed boost from a set of four Speed mods goes … 36- First Order Noobs and LSTB is Way Too Hard. We also discuss the move (finally) away from KOTOR and into Clone Wars with a GK, Ani and Snips rework that just dropped. Come join our Discord server to chat with the best SWGOH community around! 25- No news? MASTER KENOBI LEAKED SCREENSHOT! We deep dive into their kits along with the new terrible Q&A from CG. 72 views 5 hours ago. I wanted to have every type of Stormtrooper with Darth Vader leading them into battle crushing Rebels under our feet. Take note: this does NOT edit an existing entry, but creates a NEW one! As always, thanks for listening! Thanks for listening! Join us as we discuss the reworks of the New Nute and the Makashi Master Dooku. This week we look at the first crew-less ship, examine the prevalence of cheating and continue to discover the greatness that is Nute Gunray. Thanks for listening!, Join us as we discuss the latest update to mods: Tiers 6D through 6A. The long-awaited content overload has finally arrived and we try to pack it all in! Also, a deep look at Geos and, at long last, a reliable Revan counter, Join us as we celebrate our 1-year just doing a normal show! We will post the teams on our Discord server to have people vote on the theoretical matchups. Ep. Ep. Make sure to keep the conversation going by joining our Discord server. Thanks for listening! Plus, what has Sarah so excited this week? Thanks for listening!, Join us as we go over the latest news to hit the Holotable Table: The State of the Galaxy! A special thanks to Mist for joining and making this super-sized episode our best one yet!, Ep. Thanks for listening! Hier werden allerhand Teams aufgeführt die für das eine Event, den einen Raid oder zB die Arena generell benutzt werden können. 1 Biografie 1.1 Blockade von Naboo 1.2 Klonkriege 1.2.1 Schlacht von Geonosis 1.2.2 Gefangennahme von Padmé Amidala 1.2.3 Tod 2 Persönlichkeit 3 Hinter den Kulissen 4 Quellen 5 Einzelnachweise „Ich weiß nichts … Subs: Nute Gunray, Count Dooku, IG-88, BB-8, Imperial Probe Droid, T3-M4, L3-37, Wat Tambor Specific Strategy: Clear the taunt from Geonosian Brute using B2 Super Battle Droid's Mow Down ability. Thanks for listening! Unless you have him at 5-star for the next 4-5 months...  Main Focus: Health. We also continue to discuss our dismay with the current state of the game and lack of vision by CG. Continue the discussion with us on our Discord server so you can get your questions on our Discord Corner segment, get more info on our livestream and just hang out with the best damn community on the World Wide Web. Description Alignment Dark Side: Role Support • Leader: Faction Scoundrel • Separatist: Lead Synergy Separatist: Synergy Separatist: Release Date November 24, 2015 Rework Date May 15, 2019 Shards to Activate 80 Accelerated … No problem! I have used General Hux as a replacement for Wat Tambor on this team with mild success., Ep. You'll learn a ton on this supersized episode and you'll also be amazed as we make completely wild guesses on how good they will be! We also discuss Sarah's journey to unlock Jedi Knight Luke and the surprising tactic she used. We go in-depth on the new movie. Thanks for listening! *Forgive the first 30 seconds of silence- no access to audio tools this week! January 1, 2017 3:57PM. Make sure to keep the conversation going by joining our Discord server. Phase 1 Damage Required: 46,888,776: Resistance: Leader Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4 Slot 5 Name Rey (Jedi Training) BB-8 R2-D2 Resistance Trooper C-3PO Zetas Inspirational Presence, Virtuous Protector, Insight Roll … Is the best team really zzzGG, zB1, zB2 zDroideka & MG (or replace with bb8) With Nute & Dooku reworks, is a team with GG, Nute & Dooku & (either B2 & B1 or B2 & Droideka/Magnaguard) Obviously the Genosians are becoming a v good team but as the CIS are my faves, I want to use the above toons in a team together. 21- Dooku and Nute: Now There Are Two of Them!, Join us this slow news week as we discuss Sir Georgeous's solo of Phase 3 and 4 of the Heroic Sith raid and a total of 100 million+ raid score! Asking for rebalancing and nerfs for toons that already fell from the meta is a really wierd if not dumb thing to do., Join us as we discuss two new marquee rebels: Threepio & Chewbacca (or as Sarah calls them, Chew-PO) and Mon Mothma! Need help with your mods in swgoh. 28- Best Places to Use Wat, Grand Arena Advice and More Nute, The Early Edition cat bring this episode of HNN a day early to help you get a glimpse into the future of SWGOH. This video is unavailable. Malevolence. 20- The Aggressive Negotiations Begin. Max health. Nicht alle diese Teams sind direkt unseren Köpfen entsprungen sondern sind eine Sammlung aus den weiten des Internets von anderen Theorie-Craftern und Hardcore SWGOH Spielern (wer sich als Erfinder wiedererkennt und Props möchte, schicke … Clash DoE. That move from dooku has a pretty low refresh so you can spend most of the match that way, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the SWGalaxyOfHeroes community. Thanks for listening! For example, Darth Vader has some sick buffs. Emperor Palpatine . Nute Gunray war der Vizekönig der Handelsföderation zur Zeit der Klonkriege. Thanks for listening! We will likely continue it in the future, so look for it typically every other Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. Central/6:30 Pacific US on SirGeorgeous's YouTube channel.

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