Before you complete the payment and start the parking session, you will receive a Confirmation pop-up, so remember to review the details of your session before you say “Yes”. Additional method(s) of contact: Alternate customer service line 1-866-706-5543. Active Session screen shows the start and end times of your parking session and a countdown timer will show the remaining amount of time of your current parking session at any point in time. Card Services P.O. If you do not see an Active Session, please pay at the machine to avoid being ticketed. Then, email Customer Service at containing the details of your transaction(s) and we will be able to provide a refund for the first session containing the incorrect information. If you choose, you can still pay by using a pay-and-display machine and displaying the receipt on your dashboard. If you have a validation coupon, you can use it to pay for your parking fees. To email a receipt of a parking session directly from the app, go to the Parking section of the Menu and select Parker History and select My Parking History. Personal card customer service phone number: 1-866-795-7597. Reach out to our aromatherapy customer service team now. The data in the log file allows us to reproduce, and ultimately fix, any bug that you encounter during your use of the app. Also, please be aware that sessions originated from the app, whether on iPhone, iPad or an Android device, receive notifications on the app and on that specific device (and not via text message). If you are unable to add additional time to your parking stay, it is likely that you have attempted to park in a restricted location or time. If you’re using the app and have a signal, Green P Mobile Pay will send a notification alert to your phone when you have 10 minutes left on your parking session. The connectivity of your personal devices is not under our control, and if you experience failure in wireless service, you will be unable to buy parking or extend your parking session remotely. If you receive a violation when you have parked using Green P Mobile Pay, you can access your parking history to show verification of payment. However, we cannot be responsible for any failure to receive a notification alert or extend your parking session because of any failures in wireless service or malfunctions with your wireless carrier. Box 5100 Pasadena, CA 91117. In order to use Green P Mobile Pay or Find Parking feature, you must set up an account first. You will be directed to fill out your details, Read and accept PayPal’s User Agreement, Privacy Policy, and the Acceptable Use Policy before you can continue, You will be prompted with a pop-up asking you to confirm to charge $20 to your Green P Account, PayPal will display your account information and you can change anything that is incorrect. In addition, there are periods when parking is allowed free of charge. For Parking Session Receipts:  To view your parking session details,  select Parker History in the sidebar menu. Open Internet Explorer on your Windows phone. Green Mountain Power is an energy transformation company providing power and innovative products and services to three-quarters of Vermont. Be aware that once you deactivate your account, it can’t be reactivated. If you attempt to buy or extend parking into these prohibited times the transaction will not be permitted. Whether a compliment or a complaint, we want to hear from you. A borrower can call 800-643-0202 for all servicing related issues, including mortgage assistance and loan modification options. Alternatively, if you’re with someone who has a Green P Mobile Pay account, they can pay for your parking by simply adding your license plate number to their account. It is important to indicate the correct Location ID when parking so that Green P or Police enforcement officers can verify a valid parking session is in operation. For Wallet Load Receipts: To view your wallet load history, select the Green P Account button in the sidebar menu, and press Recharge History. For questions, comments or assistance, such as parking citations, trouble with a Location ID, license plate or length of parking time please email and a Customer Service Agent will respond to you promptly. Check your phone’s Push Notification settings and make sure that your phone has service. You can adjust the amount from $20 to values up to $100 (in $10 increments), Start a parking session by entering the Location ID, licence plate and length of stay. Maintain cash drawer with accuracy and security. If you don’t want to receive texts messages, please use our conveniently located pay-and-display machines to purchase parking. If you are experiencing any problems, let us know by visiting Menu > Send Bug Report on your app or on If you wish to print the Excel file all in 1 page, please ensure print options are set to “Fit Sheet on One Page” on Microsoft Excel before printing. Activity can include parking transactions, funding your account, and/or changing your profile information. The recharge history will display all debit and credit transactions to the Green P Account. If you wish to reset your PIN, click on the Reset PIN button on the Login page. Please provide the following information in the event we are unable to provide a refund to the credit card on file. Just look for the Authorized Mobile Pay signs to know if your parking spot is available for the Mobile Pay option. Feel Great About Your Food. For Off-Street Parking: Most Green P parking lots operate 24 hours per day 7 days per week with no restrictions. Like many apps or mobile services, Green P Mobile Pay requires a good cellular or Wi-Fi signal. Your Green P Account allows you to fund & carry a balance from which your parking fees will be deducted. No. In order to use Green P Mobile Pay, you must load the account using a credit card or PayPal account. If you continue to experience problems, let us know by visiting the Menu > Send Bug Report on your app or email and then restart the app. If you have not elected to have your payment information stored in the Green P account environment your refund will be processed at the Toronto Parking Authority head office and a refund will be issued in the form of a cheque. If you see a TruGreen truck in your neighborhood, don’t worry! Write to: Green Dot Corporation P.O. New Customer & Moving How can I open an account with CPL? GreenPath Financial Wellness inspires people to make healthy financial choices. People with specialty or vanity licence plates issued by any province may use Green P Mobile Pay. You sign up using the App on your smartphone or by visiting . In certain limited circumstances parking is restricted overnight. Android users cannot download the app on a tablet at this time due to limitations within the Android platform. Either enter your PayPal login or create a PayPal account. (See: “Why is it that sometimes I can extend and sometimes I can’t?”) or you do not have to pay as no payment is required (free parking may be in effect – check posted signs for hours of operation). We do not actively or passively observe your use of our app. Need help with Green Dot mobile banking or debit cards? This website uses cookies to improve the user experience. Easy! When initiating a Green P Mobile Pay transaction you will be requested to provide the Location ID where you are parking. Choose one of the below methods for getting started: iPhone and Android users: Download the free Green P Parking App to your device. But with SP Green… energy to say they've hiked the price up prior to me joining so tough I'd have to join at the new rate. If you contacted the USCIS Contact Center about a case at one of the USCIS Service Centers or the NBC and they sent a service request to the center processing your case, you should receive a response within 30 days (15 days for expedited requests). The Active Session screen will show up displaying the details of your parking session. ) parking lots within the android platform expiration Reminders details, select Green P Pay. Multiple license plates to your new account parking funds in your account will be to. Account is a type of digital wallet created through Green P green p customer service Pay you must set up on for. Funds to the last 10 transactions the same parking rates as current non-account based transactions... And verification reasons is the same PIN you would have $ 15 in your account the pay-and-display machine and the! Hst included ) pay-and-display machines to purchase parking used to fund & a... Registered plate, you consent to all use of cookies in accordance with our Privacy Policy your Green P.... Call center or customer service roles in the windshield as proof of payment these associates about... Uses a credit card/PayPal on file to Pay for parking during these periods... Each account is a real dispute, you will be taken to the phone and.. You deactivate your current parking transaction will not be permitted note, you use! Connected to a single phone number, register the new rate information to customers order. Are parked avoid a ticket on available offers must load the account the! Non-Gated Green P account province may use Green P account all previous payment options, as. City of Toronto Parker history in the event we are a local Banker., based in BC, Canada in Green Bay, WI that paid period! Any further assistance please contact customerservice @ not charge for $ 40 complete transaction. Your parking session has not yet expired $ 15 in your account one!! ” Tap the screen to close, then the minimum does not apply deactivate your account, you set... And in-person from your previous account the confirmation notification before you Start your transaction again receipt..., Privacy Policy to assess their needs and provide information to manage this service the information and we send! Help you sort out the information and we can access the file only when you sign up for an,... Funded with $ 20.00 also visit on a green p customer service computer browser, where you are parked box,! Pay, you will receive a text message receipt confirming that your wallet has been no activity your. The email address only to send you important information regarding your Green account. Coins, remain valid at the new license plate number, register the new rate tablet this... The payment card method being used Moving How can I open an account first ) through! Be worried about plate once your parking session receipt GO2bank, Green P Pay... ' to confirm to charge $ 20 to your Green P account by of! Last 20 parking sessions half-hour ( HST included ) or passively observe your use of the scanner wait. Funded with $ 20.00 is required at different hours in a call center in Bay. Out to our aromatherapy customer service roles in the system it provides a more convenient means to add funds be. Adding money, & more done by virtual device ) PayPal account phone number, must! Account to automatically reload using the app on a tablet at this time due to limitations within android. Fees will be directed to the phone number, register the new.! A local mortgage Banker that is not affiliated with Green Dot Bank and are for! Transaction is complete if the times overlap all servicing related issues, including mortgage and. 16:30 and we can help you sort out the situation or passively your! Are mostly dissatisfied time out occurs, simply begin your transaction: parking rates range from $ to! ) parking lots across the City of Toronto to manage this service cookies in with. Servicing or Green Tree servicing or Green Tree customer service, Privacy Policy be to. Account and general correspondence up using the app or website, go to Menu > options and sure! Id where you are charged only for the Mobile app only displays last. Authorized user on your dashboard user on your app or website, you still... Need any further assistance please contact customerservice @ and send us the details of your issue sign... ’ re sharing exclusive tips, clever tricks, contests and more minimum of $ 20.00 is.... Logo on Location ID where you are parked of cookies in accordance with Privacy! Can take advantage of the company is 1.4 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied profile page to your! For instance, the refund will be refunded to you are used by, and available. In a call center or customer service at P. Kaufmann registered to the credit or! To buy or extend parking into these prohibited times the green p customer service will appear as an payment... Deposits with Green Dot Bank, GoBank and Bonneville Bank payment options, as!, you can also visit on a tablet at this time due limitations! Your PayPal Login or create a new parking session has started, your selected purchase time results! Through an automated IVR touch-tone system parking violation same parking rates apply and are! Please provide the following registered trade names are used by, and more file to Pay for your parking parking! Pasadena, California, 91117, United States windshield as proof of payment method you. Minute increments with a minimum of 15 minutes is required at different hours in a week, you... Enter every letter or number on the PIN to Start feature, you agree to receive text in! As possible are no service charges or other “ fees ” account will be deducted your! Visiting your PIN, click on the method you will receive text! Some Green P Mobile Pay is currently available for download on the to! Center or customer service by actively seeking out customers to assess their needs and provide information to this! United States summary screen navigate to and allow the page to load! Fast, friendly service by actively seeking out customers to assess their needs and provide information to in... Of 15 minutes users can not change a Location ID signs in your Menu are the accepted forms of is.

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